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Welcome to the future of cannabis technology. With over 1200 customers in the cannabis space, we are evolving the way cannabis retailers interact with their customers.

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Enlighten is an enterprise cannabis retail technology company with an education first approach to empower and engage the evolving cannabis consumer.

With over 1000 locations utilizing our cutting-edge solutions — Enlighten is one of the largest tech companies in cannabis retail.


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What is DOOH?

Large road-side billboards are far less effective in today’s digital age. Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) is a marketing channel where promotional media is digitally displayed in (out of home) public spaces.

Here are some examples of DOOH that you might have experienced in your day-to-day lives:

  • A screen displaying various promotions and travel information in airport terminals.
  • Food menus and promotions played on TV’s behind the counter in fast food facilities.
  • A screen on the gas pump displaying entertainment and promotions while you fill up.

Enlighten brings DOOH to the cannabis sector. We provide an array of technologies such as digital menus or screens displaying entertainment/promotional content to cannabis retail facilities.

See What Our Partners Are Saying.

“I highly recommend Enlighten! Enlighten offers a great digital platform for retailers to showcase brands and services. It’s educational and fun for the customers! It’s really easy to setup and navigate. Retailers are able to customize their own slides and highlight their own messages with ease! Thanks for the great service!”


Northwest Collective – Olympia, WA

“The Enlighten network is a great tool to have in the store. We can educate our customers on in-house sales using our free ad slots. There’s great education and entertainment content provided by Enlighten as well, and it even gets updated weekly. Our customers love to see what’s new and will often just sit in the lobby and watch for a while. We still can’t believe we got it for free!”

Brian – Manager

The Marijuana Company – Butte, MT

“RMB customers are experiencing a whole new world of information since our new Enlighten was installed last month. We are excited to learn more about the system while optimizing its full potential in the coming months. Thank you Enlighten for such a great opportunity to inform our customer base!”

Greg Miller, Managing Partner

Rocky Mountain Blaze – Pueblo West, Colorado

“We installed the Enlighten system about 2 weeks ago. We opted for self-install and it was relatively simple; as long as you have mounted things to walls before, you should be fine! Once it was installed and powered on, finalizing was a snap. We even had our personal slides on the TV the next day! The content is relevant and entertaining; this week is all about how to make a gravity bong, which has sparked many interesting conversations with our patients. Gone are the days of customers nervously fidgeting at the POS, or worrying about the “Dark side of YouTube” popping up on the TV, or worrying about how to advertise daily deals. Enlighten has changed all that!”

JT Wessel – Asst. Manager

Rocky Mountain Cannabis – Canon City, CO

In The News

World's first mobile cannabis dispensary comes to Las Vegas for MJBIZCON

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — The world’s largest business to business cannabis convention, MJBIZCON, will bring more than 1,300 cannabis exhibitors to the Las Vegas Convention center Thursday, but one of the most anticipated exhibits can be found outside of the convention center near Essence Dispensary along Las Vegas Boulevard.

Trends Within Marketing Space and Cannabis (Radio)

Jeremy Jacobs, Co-Founder and Chairman of Enlighten, and Colby McKenzie, Co-Founder of Enlighten, will discuss trends within the marketing space, and how they translate to the cannabis space. Hosted by Lisa Abramowicz and Paul Sweeney.

Cannabis Industry's Growing Pains Revealed

Cannabis is big business already, but it is on its way to becoming an even bigger business as legality issues wash away and the long-maligned plant enters the public mainstream.

Enlighten Further Solidifies Market Leader Position with Acquisition of Cannabis Club TV

SANTA CRUZ, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Enlighten, a multifaceted cannabis technology company, announced today that it has acquired the media assets of leading cannabis content provider Cannabis Club TV. 

How to Win Over Cannabis Consumers Through The Media

NOV 12, 2019 
Within the current legal landscape, federal restrictions and market-by-market fragmentation make the cannabis market exceptionally difficult to gain market reach, regardless if you’re a retailer, product company, or media company. 

Enlighten: Point-of-sale Media on Steroids

Serial tech entrepreneur, inventor, patent holder, and software connoisseur Jeremy Jacobs likens launching his latest endeavor to bringing beer to the desert. In 2014, he and his team began studying the cannabis retail space with the goal of creating a solution mirroring his established global brand, which serves Fortune 500 healthcare, restaurant, and retail companies.

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