The LemonHaze Convention and Comedy Festival took place at the newly refurbished Tacoma Dome in Tacoma, Washington on Oct. 25 and 26. The LemonHaze team took on the daunting task of combining a major networking event for the cannabis industry with a fully-fledged comedy festival featuring performances from some the world’s most recognizable cannabis-friendly comedians.  In order to help facilitate this challenging endeavor, LemonHaze partnered with Enlighten to not only help “power the technology” at the convention, but to aid in the market efforts for the event as well. Needless to say, Enlighten was up for the challenge.

After a grueling 14 hour set up, not only for our own booth, but for every active screen or video wall on the showroom floor, the Enlighten crew was ready to greet the masses and experience a truly unique multimedia entertainment experience.  Thankfully, we weren’t disappointed with what we encountered.

LemonHaze Convention and Comedy Festival was chock-full of truly unique experiences ranging from informative panels about creating cannabis brand, investing in marijuana, cannabis banking, women’s leadership in cannabis, a breakdown of modern vaping technology and a set from comedy legend Doug Benson.

“The comedy at LemonHaze was a great way to blend together the two worlds of cannabis and comedy.” said Enlighten Operations Director Kelly Embry, “It was a great way to meet and greet people within the industry, but also kick back and have some fun at the end of the day too.”

One of the most unique offerings at LemonHaze Convention and Comedy Festival was the fact that free tickets were being offered to i502 employees. This assured that those who were attending the show for business were able to mingle with the right people.

“A lot of producer, processors and budtenders seemed to attend the show.” Explained Nick Leber, Enlighten’s Chief Technology Officer. “What was unique about it the most was that it was free to anybody in the industry. If you’re a budtender or C suite employee in the area, then you could come check out the technology and you get that experience for free.”

“I was tired of going to conventions, buying a booth and the only visitors were the other booth buyers,” said organizer Brian Yauger, president and co-founder of “We felt that if we brought best in class educators together with incredible entertainment, we could create a conference that added real value to exhibitors and attendees.”

While the show was definitely a victory for LemonHaze, there was one major hurdle that prevented Enlighten from being able to execute an even grander spectacle.

“We were hopeful that we would have been able to showcase some of our projection technology at the event.” acknowledged Jeremy Jacobs, Enlighten’s Chairman. “Due to lighting issues inside the venue we were unable to do so. That was disappointing for the entire Enlighten crew, but now we are turning our attention to new augmented reality tech and hope to showcase that experience at LemonHaze Convention and Comedy Festival next year. I’m talking the same stuff you see at Disney World!”

All unfortunate technological snafus aside, the LemonHaze Convention and Comedy Festival offered the opportunity for Enlighten to speak to some of cannabis’ top brands.

“I was able to connect with the owner and founder of Artizen Cannabis.” said Casey Berryman, Enlighten’s Chief Creative Officer. “Artizen is one of the largest cannabis companies in Washington and being able to speak directly to the guy responsible for such a successful and well-respected brand was extremely valuable for the entire Enlighten team.”

Next year’s LemonHaze Convention and Comedy Festival will take place on Oct. 24 & 25 and, based on the success of this year’s event, it’s safe to say that the entire Enlighten crew is looking forward to the show and can’t wait to be a part for whatever LemonHaze has to offer for years to come.

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