There’s no denying it – cannabis and music just go together. Whether you’re making music yourself or just listening to your favorite album, few things compare to lighting up a joint, popping in your earbuds and allowing the music to permeate your mind, body and soul. And if your song of choice happens to feature the psychedelic cowboy rock tunes of the Josephines – then prepare to experience something truly special!

Self-described as “a rag tag group of rock n roll drenched country hoodlums from Bowling Green, Kentucky,” the Josephines have encountered immense success over a very short period of time. Combining the smooth harmonies of the Eagles, the moody story telling of Tom Waits and all the southern rock n roll energy of Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Josephines are poised to take the music world by storm.

Brad Tabor, lead singer and acoustic guitar player for the Josephines, recently visited Enlighten headquarters and spoke to us very candidly about how cannabis has influenced his music, partnering with MusiCares to help musicians in crisis, working with KY NORML to advocate for legalizing cannabis in Kentucky and how you can catch their original Christmas song as a part of the 12 Days of Greyland.


From left to right: David Page, Brad Tabor, Josh London, Alex Lindsey, Zach Lindsey


Enlighten: All cannabis enthusiasts seem to have a grand story about how they first came in contact with marijuana. What’s yours?

Brad Tabor: Like most people, the very first contact I with cannabis occurred in high school. I’ve always been sort of hyperactive and I viewed weed as a way to keep that under control. I have never had any interest in being on any sort of medication and I’m generous that weed has provided me with a healthy alternative. It’s truly an amazing plant that has played a major role in my life.

Enlighten: How has cannabis played a role in the music you create?

Brad Tabor: Getting stoned, or as we call it “catching a bus” helps me write, clears my head and definitely adds to the spirit of the music. I know for a fact it keeps my mind focused and allows me to dig into parts of my brain that might allow for more extensive creativity. Most people compliment my ability to write a “story” and every time I “catch a bus” stories become more entertaining, so it makes my job easier. Also, the dark elements of our songs are sometime very serious matters. Even though I don’t think of them light-heartedly, it allows me to take a socially taboo topic and almost add a humorous element to it.

Enlighten: Pretend for a moment that cannabis has just been legalized on a federal level. How do you feel this would impact music and the industry as a whole?

Brad Tabor: Honestly, I don’t think it would change a whole lot. It’s always around in our community, so if you want it you got it. I suppose the largest impact would be reducing the fear of being searched on the road. We’ve had friends that are pulled over and obviously a band, who have had to unload their entire trailer and bus/van whatever, just to prove there’s nothing illegal. Of course, they aren’t getting help loading they’re gear back up, and our business is all about going from A to B so that hour and a half or more is crucial in making it to the next town. It would be nice to not worry about that especially when most of us use it to go to sleep, which comes sparingly on the road.

Enlighten: Recently The Josephines have started partnering up with KY NORML. Could you speak a little about that relationship?

Brad Tabor: Yeah, we’re currently in talks with the great folks at KY NORML. Hopefully this will give us the opportunity to spread the good word about cannabis and get this state and its people what they deserve – a stronger economy, safer-citizens, and a whole new “fleet of buses to catch.”



Enlighten: And we understand that you guys just recorded an original Christmas song for Greyland’s 12 Days of Christmas?

Brad Tabor: Yeah, the song is titled “Merry Christ-Meth”  and it’s a part of the 12 Days Of Greyland. They’re partnered with an awesome organization, MusiCares. Our buddy Joseph Llanes got us together for this and put on a hell of a production. MusiCares is an incredible company that fights for musicians health and well-being. They’ll help with health insurance, equipment loss, rehab or whatever an artist needs to keep going. We heard some amazing stories from our friends of how MusiCares fought for them while they were out of work and helped them not only stay afloat but actually pursue new goals too. We’re the fourth day of Christmas and you’ll be able to find us on MusiCares platforms as well as 12 Days of Greyland on Amazon Music.

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