Enlighten is the largest digital out-of-home advertising network in the cannabis industry, enabling cannabis and non-endemic brands alike the singular opportunity to market directly to verified cannabis consumers at the point-of-purchase in over 1,000 retail locations.

Enlighten TV is placed inside cannabis retail outlets, so your brand’s advertisment is clearly visible from the line or waiting area.

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We Give Advertisers What They Want

Reach the Hottest Demographic

55MM Americans consume cannabis. The legal market has disproved the stereotypes revealing a new ideal customer for your brand.

At the Ideal Location

The key to your brand’s success is that we place screens at the optimum dwell point in each location. With dwell times near 20 minutes, your videos will be seen multiple times by consumers.

Stand Out

Brands who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users. By advertising alongside our curated content, consumers will be engaged when your brand’s advertisement plays.

Point of Sale Advertising

Like traditional television, Enlighten TV is more than a constant stream of advertisements, it provides the right content at the right time. When you advertise on Enlighten TV, not only do you get engaged viewers watching your promotions, but advertisers also get the only verified impressions through our tracking system – TrafficWise. 

A First to Market Mobile
Dispensary Experience.

Increase consumer-brand interaction with an activation.

  • Product Placement
  • Media Lounge Takeover
  • Custom Social Wall
  • Enlighten TV Network
  • Exterior Activations
  • Multiple Touch Points
  • Bus Wrap
  • A First to Market Mobile
    Dispensary Experience.

    Increase consumer-brand interaction with an activation.

  • Product Placement
  • Media Lounge Takeover
  • Custom Social Wall
  • Enlighten TV Network
  • Exterior Activations
  • Multiple Touch Points
  • Social Growth & Traffic.

    Reach cannabis consumers by tapping into our network of over 150+ million engaged instagram followers. 

    1. TRAFFIC: Drive Sales Directly To You

    Drive traffic directly to your website or online store by running an Instagram Story Swipe-Up campaign.

    2. GROWTH: Build Your Brand Following

    Increase your brand’s Instagram followers to reach your customers with content you want them to see.

    Our Clients

    Point of Sale Advertising

    Why advertise anywhere else?

    Use Enlighten to inform & educate consumers on your product & sway purchase decision.

    DOOH networks increase interest in advertised products by 31%.

    33% of DOOH networks reach consumers at the point of sale.

    DOOH networks increase specific product purchases by 36.5%.

    73% of consumers prefer shopping in venues that off in-store DOOH networks.

    52% of captive audience consumers remember product advertisement.

    We are the most dominating force in all of the cannabis industry with 1000+ locations, 36 states 3 countries and 2.2B+ impressions annually


    Digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising is one of the fastest growing forms of advertising today. Completely immune to ad blockers, ads on ETV cannot be skipped as they are physically placed in consumers line of sight while shopping.


    We only allow 40% of our total 10-minute content loop to be advertisements to prevent ad fatigue.


    We work with a variety of news sources to ensure we have relevant news content on the screens every week.


    We have found that customers crave education more than anything else, so the majority of our content is education driven.


    Understanding that a majority of the visitors to cannabis outlets are “first timers” we run a segment to help them learn the language.


    Everyone loves being the smartest person in the room! Our trivia segment has been one of our most popular to date.


    We allot 10% of our 10-minute loop for the store to utilize their own specials, deals and announcements.

    We offer a safe messaging space for your brand.

    Your brand’s message can only be seen by cannabis consumers within the four walls of the venue or on their phones after they leave the store via retargeting.


    The stigma is gone and the cannabis market is growing at break-neck speed. With the majority of the US population living in legal states, cannabis was a $10.8B industry in 2018. The more than 55 million Americans who consume shop often, buy big and stay loyal.


    Cannabis use increases appreciation for art, specifically music.


    57% of CA users reported more time outside/being active.


    Users report elevated metabolism, and use for “workout zone”.


    THC stimulates receptors in the brain that control appetite.


    79% more likely to binge-watch, 77% more likely to let commercials play.


    Users report more focus and immersion for playing video games.

    Big Spenders

    65% of cannabis consumers earn more than $75,000/year.


    58% of cannabis consumers are professional adults.


    87% of millennials believe cannabis is safer than alcohol.

    TV Parents

    76% spend more time watching TV with their kids after consumption.


    30-40% of cannabis customers are tourists.


    77% note cannabis improves attention span. 79% are more willing to try new shows.


    Analytics = ROI

    We track how many people are exposed to your brands advertisement via our analytics system TrafficWise..

    Strong Data Enables
  • Max ROI
  • Decision Making
  • Strong Ad Relevance
  • Results Tracking
  • We Track
  • When Someone Walks In
  • How Long The Stay
  • How Often They Return
  • Response to CTA